One this started so well with beautiful two HE KNOWS a song don’t be ashamed three did he really go there with breakup four hilarious he knows about that bf & to me it’s a sign he does follow her & knows her music

It started so well with beautiful girl then ugh THEN a boyfriend 🙈lol but him knowing they had dated pretty funny

Hair after it’s fixed bc I really screwed it up

Hair after it’s fixed bc I really screwed it up

I’m looking really old

I’m looking really old

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And then

So last night or better yet this morning I went to bed & as I laid there I thought if it were me I’d just feel thrilled, lucky, blessed, thankful & I really need to stop acting like a child bc envy is not a great look on anyone but it’s really not fun to wear and had I actually earned something or worked my booty off & missed out that would have been justifiable possibly but this circumstance didn’t warrant that so I’m just happy for those who did.

It’s not why not me

When twitter is flashing with everyone is is invited to meet and spend time with Tay secretly which has happened several times now my first gut reaction is excited but kinda sad and after a minute I try so hard to remind myself over and over that it’s not about that and that Taylor has given me so much already that how can I ever ask or expect more….and I don’t expect it bc that’s just awful honestly I think it just feels like each time people I follow and people that follow me back on whatever social network get picked it’s a little hard in the moment not be envious and feel blue. I don’t want to be that person. I think my biggest fear is it’s going to happen to someone I actually know in the flesh and then I’m not being dramatic when I say I fully expect that to happen and while I hope I’d be grown up about it I know I’m going to bawl. It’s not a great a feeling when your stomach feels tied in knots and I’m trying not to be depressed and awful bc there’s one Taylor and millions of us. I don’t deserve anymore than any other person I’m not special, I hate that I even feel anything but complete joy and excitement and maybe when I wake up I will have shaken this ugly shade of green off and just be that- happy bc those people deserve it Tay deserves it.

Portland Maine

I think this track sounds not like Tim or the Tim I’ve heard most of my life……it’s weird not bad just the voice sounds different



do you ever just feel like


Omg all the time.

It’s been brought to my attention

That lately I really have been off on people ages and birthdays living & gone but one I never get wrong is Tays lol sorrynotsorry

Fearless Tour [2009-2010]
Speak Now 
Tour [2011-2012]
Tour [2013-2014]

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Flipping through my tumblr & I already know this but TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT IS SOME KINDA WONDERFUL and all of us are the ones who are truly blessed for being able to have any part of her in our lives…. She doesn’t get that but it’s true.